Burland Technology Solutions Ltd.


Back in the 1990’s Burland (http://www.burland.com/) was established in response to rapidly increasing issues of power and cable management. To address these issues effectively, products were designed to interface between building power supplies and furniture power distribution. The “Burland Box” was patented in 1994 and became the touchstone for a raft of new product based solutions, affecting concepts of secondary and tertiary critical power distribution in offices, trading floors and later data centres.


By the millennium, Burland had achieved a dominant status in the Greater London region, broadening their horizons throughout the UK, Europe and later in the Middle East, India and Far East.


2000 saw the company merge with a principal supplier to form Aphel Technologies, an umbrella for Burland, servicing the office and trading floor market internationally, and Aphel, who were at the bleeding edge of power distribution developments in the global data centre market.


This highly successful combination was acquired by Eaton Corporation [NYSE: ETN] in 2007. Eventually the brand “Burland” was reversed out and the original team continued addressing the ever growing and changing needs of efficient power distribution.


Consistent and solid growth is well balanced between various patented products and target geographies (Europe, the US, China, India and the Middle East).


In 2015 Burland Energy SA was established in Switzerland to find answers and solutions to increasing demand to bring the provision of mission critical infrastructures and services into the 21st century.


Burland Energy SA


An asset performance management company focusing on tangible energy assets, especially critical power infrastructures.


Companies worldwide are under pressure to better manage their costs. A key trend, beyond traditional outsourcing of services is the emergence of the "on demand" economy. Burland Energy SA will provide a number of "pay per use" programmes suitable for the provision of critical power infrastructures. UPSaaS™ will give customers the flexibility to choose a price and payment programme best suited to business needs as well as move a significant CAPEX cost into OPEX with all the fiscal benefits that accompany this. 


Existing and anticipated legislation for CO2 emissions reduction as well as  financial reporting of capital assets (both leased and owned) which will further burden businesses, can be alleviated with the product and service offerings from Burland Energy SA.