Burland Energy UPSaaS™ program is the first genuine pay-per-use critical power proposition. Our customized program address the specific needs of a variety of businesses. Unlike legacy supply or lease packages, UPSaaS™ programs provide the full fiscal benefits of Operations Expenditure (OPEX) rather than Capital Expenditure (CAPEX). In addition more frequent technology upgrades will enable customers to benefit from the greatest efficiencies available. 

Item                                      Overview                                        


Upfront investment               None. Once contracts are signed, we take care of everything


Billing                                    Simple monthly charges based upon actual kWh consumption


Contract Duration                 Negotiable and dependent on technology adopted


Key Benefits                        -Grow-as-you-Grow. Option to provide oversized systems on Day 1 to support future growth

                                             -All costs are in Operating Expenditure (OPEX)

                                             -No capital investments are needed

                                             -Detailed network monitoring (optional)

                                             -Full transparency to all costs helps predicting the future requirements

                                             -Fully warranted systems from high end manufacturers. Customer preferences apply